New rights of pedestrians put drivers in a dead end

According to the new rules of the road, cars should ignore those who are crossing the road to "Zebra", even if the pedestrian had just stepped into the roadway. This right pedestrians often abused, and drive busy crossroads, without breaking the law, drivers just can't, according to "Vesti-Moscow".In Moscow by employees of the traffic police launched the operation "Pedestrian crossing". In the next four days, the inspectors will alert motorists: under the new rules, the driver is obliged to stop or reduce speed, only if the pedestrian stepped into the roadway. However, in the capital, a lot of places, observing the rules, drive will not be possible at all.One such place is the area of Savelovsky station, where many pedestrians are intentionally long to cross the roadway. However, machines are arranged in the tube or trying to slip between people. On area there is no traffic light and the traffic police are asked not to overtake suddenly stopped the car."A driver sees a pedestrian and stops. Читать полностью -->

Day of memory and mourning: half Russian veterans Ekes out a miserable existence

In Russia on Wednesday mark the Day of memory and grief, remembering that exactly 70 years ago the Great Patriotic war. Across the country held ceremonies in memory of the dead, from the lips of officials sound beautiful words of remembrance and fidelity to duty. However, the surviving defenders of the homeland authorities still remembered only in connection with significant dates, experts say.About 50% of Russian veterans 70 years later are forced to languish, told Interfax Colonel-General Yuri Bukreyev, Chairman of the National Association of unions of reserve officers of the Armed forces (MEGAPIR), member of the Central Council of the defense Ministry of veterans Affairs.Social support needs almost half of the remaining 400 thousand today in the living veterans. However, the standards adopted for veterans in Russia, do not fit in any frame of the civilized world. According to the General, largely this is due to the fact that the Russian state veterans centrally, in a system no one does. Veterans still farmed out to your relatives, friends and compassionate people. Читать полностью -->

Future scientists submit claims to the Ministry of defence and are preparing to leave the country

 Future scientists submit claims to the Ministry of defence and are preparing to leave the country"Graduate students of Russia" will be protected in MassachusettsEugene NasyrovYoung scientists from the region, United in a group of opponents of conscription "Graduate students of Russia", held yesterday, the first interregional conference. Its members sent a letter to the Kremlin with a request to force the defense Ministry to comply with the legislation. Among 3 thousand subscribed a few people decided to err from the receipt of subpoenas — graduate students from MIPT, not waiting for an invitation military Commissars, go to the Massachusetts Institute of technology.Conference of graduate students was conducted with the open support of the party "Yabloko" and the unspoken — the Ministry of education and science, which at the end of April officially clarified that graduate students from accredited universities should be deferred. Representatives of the legal Department of the Ministry of education Olga kuksina and Eteri Adeeva were the only officials present at the conference. The Ministry of defense and the military capital, which had been sent invitations, the event is ignored.Letter to graduate students in the Kremlin is ready to support the Council under the RF President on development of civil society and human rights. Member of the Board Sergey Krivenko, coordinator of the NGO "Citizen and army", stated that on may 16 will also appeal to the President with an open letter."Graduate students of Russia" assert that their activity has already led to improvements: in Voronezh, Vladimir, Omsk and several other areas suspended the recruitment of graduate students. Читать полностью -->

Eyewitnesses told of the atrocities of Gaddafi's army in the cities in the West of Libya and ask for help coalition

From Libya, there are reports of ongoing violent actions of the troops of Gaddafi against civilians - despite ongoing Western coalition operation to protect them. On Wednesday the government army continued shelling the city of Misurata and Zintan in the West of the country.About what is happening in these cities, according to Reuters - according to the witnesses from among local residents. In Misrata, according to them, Gaddafi snipers are under the gun one of the hospitals, where the many wounded during the previous attacks. "No one can come in or out, the people inside are completely isolated," they say.As a result of sniper fire, according to the eyewitnesses, three people were killed and as many were seriously injured.The cruel actions of government troops in Misrata on Wednesday forced combat aircraft of the Western coalition to rise again in the air - according to residents, the morning had suffered at least two strokes, after which Qaddafi's forces until no longer struck a single shot from a tank or artillery.Another resident of Misrata said that the coalition strikes targeted military air base South of the city, where based combat brigades Gaddafi. Shooting meanwhile, in the center - there snipers killed two people.At the same time in AZ zintДЃn 90 kilometers from the capital Tripoli, government forces resumed massive artillery barrage from the North. "The city is completely surrounded, the situation has seriously deteriorated", said by phone local. Читать полностью -->

The Ministers given time to leave the boards of Directors of large companies. They were asked 't be offended

Medvedev said about the inadmissibility provisions when relevant Ministers and heads of government took place in the boards of Directors of companies operating in a competitive environment."Boards of Directors: the government should initiate the adoption of decisions at meetings of shareholders on the replacement of the relevant Ministers and Vice-premiers on independent Directors in major companies already before the middle of this year," Medvedev said.According to the President, it will increase the efficiency of the business. He asked the Ministers "not to be offended" and reminded that they have a lot of other work, ITAR-TASS reported. According to Medvedev, he himself, while working for the government, "sat in "Gazprom", head of the Board of Directors. "In a certain period it made sense when it was necessary to collect the company", - said the President. Now, however, in his estimation, "it can turn in the opposite situation.". . Читать полностью -->

The President of Georgia had a fight with Ilia II because of equalizing the rights of all faiths

 The President of Georgia had a fight with Ilia II because of equalizing the rights of all faithsThe Parliament of Georgia adopted amendments to the civil code, giving the opportunity to all religious organizations to get in the country the legal status of the entity of public law. This solution, equalizing the rights of all religious denominations, has caused sharp discontent of the Patriarchate of the Georgian Orthodox Church (GOC) and Patriarch Ilia II. The majority of opposition parties took the side of the Church. Now the Georgian opposition can get extremely powerful supporter в enjoying unquestioned authority Ilia II, reports Kommersant.Registration as a legal person of public law gives religious organizations the opportunity to open Bank accounts, own property, build places of worship, to conduct international activities. Meanwhile, in 2001, during the rule of Eduard Shevardnadze, between the GOC and the government was signed to an exclusive contract, giving the Church an unprecedented authority. This document refers GOC now insisting on maintaining exclusive rights.On Monday, when the law was passed only in the first reading, the enraged Patriarch summoned the leaders of the ruling party and tried to convince them that these amendments would undermine the role, status and rank of the Georgian Orthodox Church. Читать полностью -->

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